A Course of Comfort Clarification

Silo and Shed on Minnesota Winter Prairie
A silo and shed in far western Minnesota in January

My goal was the Tripoint – the point on the prairie at which the states of Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota meet.

I had done the necessary research. I googled the point and used Google Maps to narrow down the location (two mentions for Google – no financial partnership exists. But if Google reads this and wants to support this site, I’d mention Google again. Now up to four mentions.)

Yes, it was January in Minnesota – western Minnesota, no less. It’s the part of the state where the wind whips unconstrained any time of the year. The weather was cloudy and the wind present – but it really wasn’t more than a strong breeze.

It is a beautiful part of the state. There is a wide open space which really doesn’t stop, but just keeps expanding on every horizon. Roads are most often maintained minimally, yet still passable even in winter. All of this adds up to some great picture opportunities. After all, I was often able to start scoping places out from miles away.

A horse barn rises high upon the prairie.

This trip made me aware of my own comfort with the more closed spaces of city life. My anxiety increased just enough to make me aware of heart racing. What a difference from my life as a kid growing up in the country!

Back to the Tripoint. Or, maybe “no” point. After several hours of driving, checking and rechecking maps and heading into South Dakota to double check my location – nothing. The best guess I had for the monument’s whereabouts was down an unplowed road. It will have to wait until the next trip. There are so many roads left to explore with plenty of beautiful scenery to capture any photographer’s imagination.

And there will be a next trip. After all, I need to work on reacquainting myself with my country roots!

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  1. Beautifully written. I’m very proud of you. Lots of food for thought within your writings. f

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