A Gray Day

How often are you driving down a country road when suddenly a bald eagle, just one size smaller than a pterodactyl, narrowly misses the car ahead of you as it swoops down to grab a road-kill snack? Not that often! Wouldn’t it be great to have a picture of that to post on your blog? It sure would! *sigh*

Luckily, today’s trip wasn’t a total miss. Actually, it was amazing! I was taken completely off guard by the numbers and quality of cool things to photograph. I shook off the whole missed bird fiasco and followed the scent of the barnyard to some stunning country scenes.

Images like a simple abandoned barn standing alone in a group of trees. The rest of the farm buildings were likely leveled years ago while the barn itself looked to be on its last minutes of life. Yet, there the barn stood with the freedom to go down on its own terms. The last wishes in its advanced care directive were being followed down to the letter.

East Side
West Side

I learned about moscovy ducks after posting a picture I took of a previously unknown variety of duck. I can say with certainty I did not wake up this morning thinking I’d photograph a moscovy duck today. But, hey, unknown wishes do come true!

The person in charge of grading the township roads is going to have her work cut out for her when things dry up a little. There were the usual ruts and holes to contend with, plus the soupy, sleek spots in the dirt roads which serve as ditch feeders (as in, they direct the car into the ditch with a mystifying power.)

There seemed to be more abandoned houses in today’s trip than I’ve seen for a while. I love to see what people haven’t done to the homes whose walls still reverberate with the stories of generations. The first floor of one abandoned house (what could be done without a ladder) was covered in graffiti. I would show it as part of this blog but there’s obscenity standards to follow. Believe me when I say the graffiti would win awards for best use of language and diagrams. I’ll play it safe by sharing one house with its front porch caved in and a windsock still flying from weathered siding.

And what would a trip be without the required red barn. The one pictured below is a true beauty. It looks well-kept but doesn’t seem to be used anymore.

You won’t hear me complain too often about all the barns out there which are falling down. I completely understand the high cost of renovating things days. Plus, I am captivated by the run-down and ready-to-collapse barn just as much as the one with brand new siding and a steel roof.

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