Barnyard Friends

This sheep, or sau in Norwegian, was pretty curious for the camera.

Barnyard animals can be an interesting addition to any farm. And by interesting, I mean fun, lively, and, depending on the situation, tasty! (Lamb was on the menu the next day at this small Norwegian hotel.)

Farm animals are great to photograph because they basically sit still long enough for me to get a picture. I’ve seen so many smile for the camera too. In a humble, cheesy way. Or, I suppose they could be smiles of disgust, but I like to think positive.

These two horses stared intently at the camera. It was cold enough to see their breath.

I appreciate farm animals because they remind me to take a wider look at the scene in front of me. The barn may not be the picture I was looking for but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a photographic cow, chicken, cat, or horse around. Animals are what make a barn.

It may not be their best side but I can’t compete with lunch time!
Play time!

Keep smiling!

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