Capturing a Good BM (barn movement)

As with any good piece, composition is key!

One element of composition I have been working on lately is “flow.” I understand flow in a couple of ways which “flow” into one another quite well.

Let’s use a picture of a barn as an example.

First, I think about what drew me to the image in the first place. In the example above, my eyes went straight to what looked like a rib cage on the left. It made me think of a beached whale.

So the ruins of a collapsed barn have given us a connecting image – a whale on the beach. But there’s something more which connects the initial focal point to a larger flowing dynamic. The sense the twisted remains of the barn could collapse in on themselves at any moment. The movement is especially poignant just above the door in the lower right hand corner where it looks like the whole wall is collapsing backwards.

An initial focal point, plus the appearance of ongoing activity, combine together into a good BM.

Let’s look at another barn picture.

The round window near the peak of the barn roof caught my eye when I drove past this farm. I was curious why half of the hole was covered, limiting the flow of air. Why not keep the whole thing open?

By focusing on the roof peak and making the sides of the roof asymmetrical, I hoped to give the image an off-balanced sort of flow. A more sloped right side compared to what seems like an abrupt ending on the left.

The more I look at the image the more examples of flow come to mind. There’s the flow of the lightning rods safely directing electric current to the ground. There’s also the potential flow of electricity to the barn through the wires.

All wrap up into good BM.

I’d love to hear what types of flow you see in my other gallery images!

2 thoughts on “Capturing a Good BM (barn movement)

  1. I’ve enjoyed looking through your website. You are both poetic in words and artistic in your photography! Oh how I wish there were more barns in the area where I live! I love these old buildings and I appreciate anyone that has the same interest!

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