Driving in Dust, A Good Filter’s a Must

This adage is as old as I wrote it – that is, about three minutes ago. A cab filter can only do so much good when driving in dust. I suppose, rolling down windows and opening doors to take pictures do not help the cause either. The gritty, muddy taste I had in my mouthContinue reading “Driving in Dust, A Good Filter’s a Must”

A hot day to mow hay (it usually is)

Timing means everything to get the hay crop in from the field. That means when the weather cooperates, its time to get out there – even when the temperature soars. The heat was on this morning in barn country. It’s been in the 90s over the past three days with humidity levels rising. With hotContinue reading “A hot day to mow hay (it usually is)”

What’s with Round Barns?

The intrigue, the mystique, the circular nature. Behold, Round Barns! This was a jaw-dropping, head-turning, car-stopping scene to come across (that’s a lot of dashes.) Admittedly, I’ve seen this beauty before, but it was in the winter. Six months later, with temperatures above zero, it was a whole new experience for this barner. It wasContinue reading “What’s with Round Barns?”

Immersing Myself into the Fusion of Tree and Stone

I’ve been drawn for some time to the fusion of trees and stone. These images evoke within me feelings of strength and perseverance into a sort of juncture which benefits both tree and stone. Movement is a consequence of time – whether it is at the fast speed of a super-sonic jet or at theContinue reading “Immersing Myself into the Fusion of Tree and Stone”

Wright County, you did not disappoint!

I managed to stay in one county during today’s barning trip. I came full circle today at least twice and I drove past a couple places I know I’ve seen on other trips. Barn trips have taken me to Wright County before, but it truly outperformed itself this time. It can take a good hourContinue reading “Wright County, you did not disappoint!”

A Course of Comfort Clarification

My goal was the Tripoint – the point on the prairie at which the states of Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota meet. I had done the necessary research. I googled the point and used Google Maps to narrow down the location (two mentions for Google – no financial partnership exists. But if Google readsContinue reading “A Course of Comfort Clarification”

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Jeff Wallager