Driving in Dust, A Good Filter’s a Must

This adage is as old as I wrote it – that is, about three minutes ago. A cab filter can only do so much good when driving in dust. I suppose, rolling down windows and opening doors to take pictures do not help the cause either. The gritty, muddy taste I had in my mouth on Sunday after a morning barn trip was reminiscent of stories I’ve heard about the Dust Bowl. This dust storm was much smaller and it was one created by some guy driving on hot and dry gravel roads taking pictures of barns and things (me.)

Barn and steel grain bins as I was driving in dust.
This barn probably thought it was pretty big until the grain bins arrived on the block. (Central Minnesota)

It wasn’t just me covered in dust. Everything in the car seemed to have a fine layer of country road soot – the dashboard, the steering wheel, my cell phone, and the camera bag. I’m going to have to take my camera in for a good cleaning.

This horse didn’t seem to mind the dusty day

I’d do it all over again. Till next time.

Silo, windmill, cupola – the Barnyard Skyline – Priceless

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