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“Restoring the Lost Art of Traveling with no Clear Destination in Mind”

Photography has given me an outlet for creativity, imagination, and greater self-awareness. Whether traveling minimum maintenance roads or lying on the forest floor looking at mushrooms, I search for images which give voice to the world around me.

This Horse Owns the Camera

Most weekends I can be seen in my compact car cruising back country roads in search of the elusive object of country coolness. It doesn’t take long to see an abandoned barn, a broken windmill, a barnyard full of animals, or a vintage piece of farm equipment. I’m not in it just to be sentimental. The modern farm is also vibrant and dynamic. There are signs of life all over the place.

Restoring the Lost Art of Traveling with no Clear Destination in Mind.
This barn is precariously shifting a little too far to the left.

Barns are the big attraction to be sure. These buildings of both flow and function were once the centerpiece of farms, oftentimes built even before the farmhouse. Renovating a barn can be a huge and expensive undertaking. They all can’t be saved. I like to think of abandoned barns as returning to the earth which supported them for so many years. Magnificent buildings dying their own way. I consider myself fortunate in documenting their slow (and sometimes rapid) decline.

It’s another world on the forest floor.

I’m not always traveling the dusty roads. Sometimes the sense of adventure takes me places with my zoom lens. I enjoy looking at things with different perspectives. What better way to take a picture of a mushroom, than to gently lay on the ground to capture the mushroom’s perspective on life.

Seeing a shadow can be fascinating for any creature.

I rarely use a map or some other way to let me know where I am. I prefer to follow intuition or curiosity rather than directions from a piece of paper or a gadget. I take the less traveled path in the forest. I attempt to find a road which will lead to me an awesome barn on a hill. If I don’t make it, that’s OK too! In my travels, I’ve come to appreciate the thrill of not knowing what’s going to happen around the next curve. It turns out I am rarely disappointed.

Round Barn in Central Minnesota
Central Minnesota Round Barn

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