Immersing Myself into the Fusion of Tree and Stone

Tree and Stone Fusion at Interstate State Park, Taylor’s Falls, Minnesota

I’ve been drawn for some time to the fusion of trees and stone. These images evoke within me feelings of strength and perseverance into a sort of juncture which benefits both tree and stone.

Movement is a consequence of time – whether it is at the fast speed of a super-sonic jet or at the relaxed movement of continental plates. When we think about it further, everything on the earth is moving as we witness the rotation of the planet resulting in dawn and dusk, morning and evening, day and night.

The stone is held in place by the roots of the tree.
The fusing of tree and stone
The tree roots mirror the shape of the stone.
It looks like the stones have provided a good place for this tree to grow and thrive!

Interstate State Park is a wonderful location for contemplation and meditation. It seems like I notice something new every time I go and yesterday did not disappoint. Usually I’m with a group of people and there isn’t much opportunity for self-reflection. So I took advantage of being alone with no set schedule by sitting down and letting the fusing of the stone and trees speak to me.

The long and slow opening up of the soul.

While I sit I allow my thoughts to come and go. I let other distractions come and go – the buzz of traffic on the nearby highway, the chatter of a group finishing a rock-climbing class, and a conversation I overhear between two people on past experiences of love. And I am open to a new understanding of this relationship between stone and tree.

The tree seems to sprout out from solid rock.

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