The original image of a barn and the sun above it.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

There’s a few things going through my mind when I look through my images I’ve captured. Once I’m ready for the editing part I look for any flaws in the image (like the dim light of a late winter’s day or an accidental dot from a speck of Schmutz on the lens.)

After I scan for technical things to alter I begin to play around with different editing software the scope of possibilities for more major change. The main reason I do more extensive editing is to help me transform the image back to what I originally saw (there’s always an inner curiosity in me as well about what more could be added behind the original image.)

The same image after the editing process.

The edited image above has now been lightened and given additional color. The sun has been given more of a role in the scene and the whole image has a painted-feel to it. There’s also more depth and warmth. It is now a well-balanced mixture of what I saw in my mind when I took the photo and additional changes made in the editing process.


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Jeff Wallager
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