Safety 101 for Pictures in the Field

Every barning trip is different. But one thing remains the same – safety is key!

I remember on one trip I was pulled over on the shoulder of the road with my hazards turned on. I was trying to change the lens on my camera while figuring out my next move. A pickup truck approached and turned around to park right next to me. There were two men in the cab who asked me if I needed anything, they thought I maybe had car trouble.

I told them I was fine and didn’t need any help. But that didn’t seem to satisfy their curiosity for more questions. I repeated I was fine, thanked them, and drove away while looking in the rear view mirror to see where they went.

The truck took a turn and went in a different direction. It turned out fine in the end. But the experience is a good reminder to:

Let someone know the general area you’ll be in. Be aware of your surroundings; traffic, runners, deer, farm dogs. Bring along water, snacks, and a cell phone. Everything you would do anytime you’re out and about.

Enjoy your time out in the field capturing the world around you in new and exciting ways!

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Jeff Wallager
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