Up Close and Personal

As far as social distancing guidelines go during the coronavirus era, I’m ok with a little bit more distance between me and the next person. Sure, it seems weird not to shake someone’s hand. But, all in all, I’m perfectly fine with a good six-foot bubble around me.

The first colors of spring bursting from the forest floor.

The opposite is true when I’m out taking pictures of nature. I love getting up close and personal with such every day things as flowers, mushrooms, bugs, and tree bark. Even though I have a zoom lens, I’m oftentimes seen lying on the ground peering intently at a mushroom I’ve never seen before.

It’s exhilarating to notice designs on a spider which remind me of an alien. I haven’t met a honey bee yet who seemed angry at me for getting my nose into the flower from which it’s eating pollen (They’ve been so focused on food, I doubt they even notice.) And, who knew there are so many different kinds of fungus in the world?!

Surprised by its shadow.

It’s all about gaining a different perspective on what can easily be missed. We don’t have to travel very far to discover new worlds. Instead, we can take a closer look at what is underneath that leaf, or spinning the web over our front door, or swimming in the shallow water of a lake.

Good things come in groups of four.

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