What’s with Round Barns?

The intrigue, the mystique, the circular nature. Behold, Round Barns!

Round Barn in Central Minnesota

This was a jaw-dropping, head-turning, car-stopping scene to come across (that’s a lot of dashes.) Admittedly, I’ve seen this beauty before, but it was in the winter. Six months later, with temperatures above zero, it was a whole new experience for this barner. It was one of those times when I dawdled at the end of the driveway hoping the owner would come out so I could ask for a tour of the inside. A truck left the place but the occupant was not interested in confronting some stranger taking a picture of their place. You win some, you lose some.

The green grass highlighted the white wood which combined together to give well-deserved attention to the bright red cupola. The shingles looked to be brand new and the foundation was in near perfect condition. This barn is well taken care of into it’s second life. That’s the barn. But why is a round barn so exciting?

Speaking for myself, there’s a couple of reasons. Number one: there aren’t that many. Number two: the barns couldn’t have been easy to build. So, rarity plus ingenuity equals a pretty high cool factor.


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