When Things Come Together

While inching my way slowly along the shoulder of a busy road in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, I had one eye on traffic and one eye staring through the lens of my camera.

I couldn’t believe what I was looking at.

A grand farmhouse which was as original as Coke Classic. No additions or renovations to its outside appearance. The lattice work along the porch roof still intact. The house could, no doubt, have looked just the same when it was built a century ago.

Hidden behind the house was a long, stately wooden barn. Worn barn wood resulting from decades of sun, wind, rain, and snow. A windmill still towering over the fields and housing developments slowly encroaching.

The outbuildings were just as grand as the in-buildings. Each one still filled with purposeful character. A testament to the strenuous and varied done by generations of families.

A perfect site to experience on my way home from barning for the day!

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Jeff Wallager
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