Whoa! Back up a Bit!

Whoa! Silos in Southwestern Minnesota!

“Whoa! What do we have here?” are the words I usually use when I’m about to back the car up. It’s also a cue for anyone else riding in the car with me to roll their eyes. Barning brings out the eye rolls from people who just don’t understand the thrill of coming across something really cool which is begging to be photographed. One of my previous blog posts introduces the “barning” phenomena.

Take a look at the two corn cribs above. These two beauties were simply standing there in a group of trees – the rest of the farm having been plowed under. It was a total back-up moment. How often do I see a landscape more suited for some science fiction movie? Whoa! Something not to be missed!

Whoa! This farm begs to be photographed!
Whoa! Stark colors paired perfectly.

The black soil of this plowed field, the barn-red buildings, and the white silo all go together so well. I distinctly remember the “Whoa” moment – first and foremost, making sure traffic was clear in both directions. Then I drove backwards through the cloud of gravel dust I created. Sa-tis-fac-tion. Looking through the camera lens, I knew right away I had a winner.

There are, of course, times when I don’t put the car into reverse or make a U turn to get a picture. I could chalk it up to a lazy moment but I also try to let some things just be – to just be seen. I don’t have to take a picture of everything, right?


PS. If you have that “Whoa! Back up a bit” moment looking through the pictures on my website, I’d love to have you check out my store!

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