Wright County, you did not disappoint!

The remains of a silo off of a rural road in Wright County.

I managed to stay in one county during today’s barning trip. I came full circle today at least twice and I drove past a couple places I know I’ve seen on other trips. Barn trips have taken me to Wright County before, but it truly outperformed itself this time.

The caption above the flag reads, 1863. This vintage of red pairs with just about anything.

It can take a good hour or so to get into barn country even after leaving the Metro area. I’ve discovered there is a layer of suburbia after the suburbs. Newer homes with large acre lots, lake cabins and smaller hobby farms don’t lend themselves to a HBQ (High Barn Quotient.) Once I got out there though, Wright County did not disappoint!

About as cool as cool gets for abandoned farmhouses. Wright County

This abandoned farm house takes first place for today’s tour. I’ve never seen the remains of a brick facade over the wooden interior. It was one of those “so that’s how they do it” moments. The farm site included a worthy barn and other outbuildings still intact. Someone was planting in the field nearby and there was some traffic on the road. I thought if I stayed near the driveway entrance long enough that someone would stop and ask what I was doing. That would have given me the chance to ask for permission to walk around the site instead of getting pictures from the road. But, from the road it was!

Ever have a barn photobomb your picture of pelicans?

Pelicans are huge birds! I never knew how big pelicans are until I saw a flock today from the shore of a Wright County Lake. You’ve got to see one for yourself some day! If you haven’t been to Minnesota yet and you like bird watching, now is the time to visit just about any lake in the state. My camera could use a stronger zoom lens to get shots like this but I used what I had available. I think things worked out just fine with a barn even appearing in the background.

Perfect image for the end of a thrilling farm tour in Wright County.

There’s a great way for you to be part of today’s barning tour! I’ve already put today’s photographs together into a 12-note card variety pack. 2 cards of 6 images equal 12 opportunities for you to surprise that special someone with a handwritten card in the mail. Just click on the picture below to place your order!

12 note cards of images from Wright County.
May 8 Montage

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